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Welcome to AceIRC!

AceIRC Is Now Closed

Founded in April of 2004, AceIRC first started under the name BravoFleetIRC sole purpose of servicing the Bravo Fleet Role Playing Group. Later that year, we still hosted their channel, became more than just Bravo Fleet by rebranding as AceIRC. While AceIRC is still quie small compared to networks like Freenode, we have a dedicated staff who aim provide all of our users with the best services available. Whether you are looking to open up your own personal chatroom, join one of the organizations who call AceIRC home, or if just looking to say hi in the Lounge, we'd be happy to have you!

If you have any questions please join #help and speak live with one of our staff members. If you'd like to connect to the network with your own client, connection information to one of our many servers can be found below. Don't forget to read our network rules before connecting!

Our Servers
Hostname Location Arizona, USA London, United Kingdom New Jersey, USA Nevada, USA
Round Robin:
Secure Port (SSL): 6697
Non-Secure Port: 6667