Network Policies

The AceIRC Global Network provides a variety of services to its users. Users can take advantage of our services by registering their nickname and then requesting and individual service for help by using a help command. Despite this, the network does have policies that must be followed in order for the users to retain the privilege of using our services. These policies are listed below on this page.

This page is still in development. Please check back later for further policy updates. For questions, please visit our help room (#Help) or email info(at)aceirc(dot)org.

  1. IRC Hostmasks
    1. When your connection to the AceIRC Global Network is established via one of our servers, the server reads the information from your client and/or ISP and generates that information in what we call a hostname. Hostnames are a way to give you a unique identification, which can identify you better than your nickname.
      1. Your hostname will usually take the following format: nick!user@host
    2. As you may have seen, some users have unique hostnames that mask their real information. These masks are referred to as "vhosts" (virtual hosts) or "hostmasks".
    3. Any user of the network may obtain a hostmask as long as they meet the following requirements:
      1. Your nick must be registered for 90 (or more) days;
      2. If you are using a domain, you must be able to prove that you own the domain or have permission to use that domain as your hostname;
        • ex:
      3. If you are not using a domain, the vhost you request must end in ".vhost".
        • ex: wolfie.vhost
      4. Anyone who currently has a hostmask are grandfathered and are excused from the above requirements.
    4. To request a vhost, visit our help room (#Help) and place a request. Time to completion may vary depending on staff availability.
  2. Don't worry, information like IP Addresses cannot be seen by non-staff members of the network.